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Formats button now showing many more custom CSS classes from plugin. I'm currently using TinyMCE and would like to add a custom button that works as follows: User highlights text in the text-editior; User clicks the custom button X; The text (dog walking) is wrapped with a tag (dog walking) Any ideas on if this can be done? I was using Tinymce v4.0 and modified the toolbar applying some CSS style to the buttons. WordPress TinyMCE editor. I have a site that was supposed to be live today, they are really happy with it, but have now said that they want the text to wrap around the image.

10 answers. Andrew Ozz. tinymce. After I upgraded to v4.2 I got my custom style broken, because the text in the toolbar buttons is not already in span tag. Get an instance of TinyMCE up and running quickly with the TinyMCE quick start guide.

I would like to know if there is a way to hide the top toolbar of the TinyMCE. * This call is done before the editor instance has … create ('tinymce.plugins.WRAP', * Initializes the plugin, this will be executed after the plugin has been created. Options nonbreaking_force_tab. nd62. Add our button to the toolbar ; Register a TinyMCE plugin; Create that TinyMCE plug-in which tells TinyMCE what to do when our button is clicked. Started by: joycekwc. This question is basically reverse of Is there a way to wrap the toolbar buttons to the next row in TinyMCE if the width of the editor is too small?. It’ll also wrap or unwrap a single word where the cursor is blinking.

My TinyMCE version is the 4.0. 0. Hi, Is there any way to wrap text around an image in the tinymce editor? But only if this is a blockquote.cc-blockquote. We wrap the initialisation process in a jQuery event listener that executes whenever the window reloads -- this is for compatibility with turbolinks (a ruby gem that makes our site act as a single page application, enabled by default in rails).

Editing the content over and over again leaves a large gap at the beginning of the content. I think core moodle developers did implement some wrapping already (wrap plugin?) First we add the button using addButton method. But only if this is a blockquote.cc-blockquote. to tinymce before they started to develop Atto (default editor of moodle 2.7) but nobody tried to create actual responsive skins or mobile themes for tinymce since core moodle developers decided to drop support for working with tinymce.

* This call is done before the editor instance has … 2; 4; 1 week, 1 day ago. Any suggestions ? Cannot go for a update just for this issue.

create ('tinymce.plugins.WRAP', * Initializes the plugin, this will be executed after the plugin has been created. Note: I use the jQuery adapted version. The plugin also adds a toolbar button and an Insert/edit image menu item under the Insert menu.. tinymce. The new toolbar design called for toolbars to wrap rather than allow multiple lines as in the previous design. The Text Editor widget is a TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor that behaves just like the classic WordPress visual editor. TinyMCE Asked Thu May 02 11:33:46 GMT 2013. Since TinyMCE editor is included with WordPress, you can readily use the options for it. 自5.2.0起用于替代上面的toolbar_drawer。 默认wrap不收缩工具栏,取值为floating或sliding时,将第一行放不下的工具栏按钮缩进抽屉(3个点的图标)里,scrolling则采用移动端的横线滚动方式。 该参数提供三种模式,通过下面的例子体验下三种模式的不同吧。 Create a small gif and add another toolbar button to your tinyMCE.init. More precisely, to the toolbar of TinyMCE.It should have one job: to add ... tags around the selected text. Im using tinymce and saving it to a database. 0. spocke Hmm, maybe we should implement a way to set toolbar: false. When I edit the saved content using tinymce and save again, it inserts a p tag at the beginning.

Check out the custom formats example for a demonstration of this option. In this case, the button should remove span.quote-border and un-wrap the blockquote from around the paragraph.

2; 1; 1 week, 4 days ago. If this is a regular blockquote, it should instead add the class and the border span. Surprisingly, this feature is far from being a WP core thing. If this is a regular blockquote, it should instead add the class and the border span. This option allows you to force TinyMCE to insert three   entities when the user presses the keyboard tab key.. It’s important to note that this does not change the behavior of the menu and toolbar controls, which will continue to insert a single   entity when nonbreaking_force_tab value is true.. paragraphs question. Andrew Ozz. Started by: arindam4u.