The new timeline is indicated to revise the complicated web of origins in a panel which shows a progression of four to five successive versions of Superman that are viewed by Kara Zor-El, clearly aping the art styles of Joe Shuster, Curt Swan, John Byrne, Dan Jurgens and Leinil Francis Yu. However, what exactly happened to Kal-L and other surviving inhabitants of the old Earth-Two in the new timeline isn't directly shown. Alexander and Superboy used Kal-L's distraction over Lois' health to break out of the "paradise" dimension and start their plan to recreate the Multiverse. To prove his superior powers, the Wizard cast a spell to rid the world of Superman. Kal-L hoped that would reverse the effect on his dying wife, even though that would kill the new Superman's wife, though he thought of it as merely "folding the current incarnations into his own template." A variant of the Golden Age Superman appeared in. As Kal-L aged, his power levels increased. Stories featuring both Supermen also indicated that Kal-L was the older of the two, being depicted as late middle-aged with greying hair at the temples, while his Earth-One counterpart was a youthful man of modern times. The Post-Crisis Earth-2 Power Girl was searching for him for years.[31]. Superman was able to time travel under his own power to watch his father Jor-L and the events that led to him being sent to Earth. Earth-Two was originally the home of DC's Golden Age characters. Batman had to rescue his girlfriend Julie Madison from the vampires The Mon… 1 History (Submitted by Cypher) 1.1 Kal-El: 1976 - 1994 1.2 Clark Kent: 1978 - 1991 1.3 Clark Kent: 1991 - 1994 1.4 Clark Kent: 1994 - 2000 1.5 Superman: 2000 - 2006 1.6 Superman: 2006 - Present 1.7 Supplemental Reports 2 Threat Assessment 2.1 Resources 2.2 Weaknesses 2.3 Analytics 3 Trivia and Notes 3.1 Trivia 3.2 Notes 4 Links and References Kal-El was born on Krypton in Sector 2813. For example, Kal-L was able to progress to actual flight, where originally he could only leap about an eighth of a mile. Falling on Earth, he was found … Not sure how best to phrase it. Batman, however, asks Kal-L if the Dick Grayson of this Earth is a corrupted version of Kal-L's one, and attempts to use the Kryptonite ring against him. Seeing that Superboy-Prime and Alexander Luthor, Jr. were committed to reshaping the universe, Kal-L directly attacked them in the hopes of preventing more deaths. Torn between her love of Kent and the world's need for its most-noted hero, Mrs. Lane-Kent tracked down the Wizard, and made him reverse the spell. He would also snap Doomsday's neck during their first encounter, surviving what should have been his death. Despite being mostly retired from heroic actions, Kal-L was one of the first heroes recruited by Harbinger and the Monitor to fight back the assault on all populated universes of the Multiverse. Kal-L's S-shield symbol was slightly different. is the tale of a Daily Planet reporter, Tim Crane, in the then-future year of 1997, paying a visit to former Planet reporter Lois Lane-Elliot, hoping that she, as the last person to have seen Superman alive, can shed some light on the mystery of the Man of Steel's disappearance ten years previous. "Mutual Radio" Earth (no formal name given): Superman arrived on Earth as an adult from a Krypton that orbited the sun opposite the Earth and after inventing the name Clark Kent worked at the Metropolis. The Symbioship provided virtual copies of Zor-L, Alura and fellow Kryptonians from within her home city of Kandor. The Batman of Earth-Two did not have the same "no-guns" policy as his Earth-One counterpart. Deciding that his greed was permissible, versus the corruption he saw in the current universe, Kal-L punched his way out of the pocket dimension, and the quartet established their base of operation in a cave in the Arctic Circle. Alexander Luthor, Jr. of Earth-Three appeared, offering to transport them out of the resulting shockwave, but the still-grieving Kal-L decided to end his life, rather than transport to safety. The Superman of Earth-2 is the Man of Steel from another dimension. The ensuing Earth 2 (2012–2015) and Earth 2: World's End (2014–2015) stories depict the formation of a new group of heroes ("Wonders") who try and fail to save the Earth from Darkseid's second invasion attempt. [18], Kal-L and his wife Lois Lane Kent of pre-Crisis Earth-Two return to the DC Universe as soulless Black Lanterns in the midst of the Blackest Night. Earth-22 had similarities to Earth-2, which was the home of DC's Golden Age heroes. In the final issue of 52, a new Multiverse is revealed, originally consisting of 52 identical realities. Kal-L was defeated by Conner, who used the Black Lantern Psycho Pirate's Medusa Mask against Kal-L, returning him to a inanimate corpse, while Black Lantern Lois Kent attacked Martha Kent, who was saved by Krypto. Rocketed to Earth, he was found by Jonathan and Martha Kent; growing to maturity and gaining great powers under Earth's yellow sun, he would grow to be the mighty Superman, … For Batman, it was his death in a Justice Society storyline following the introduction of his daughter, Helena Wayne, as the new superhero known as the Huntress (Earth-2 Batman married Earth-2 Catwoman). Convergence #0 stated the first appearance of Pre-Crisis Earth-Two Metropolis was in The Flash #123.For indexing purposes, it will be assumed that Kal-L had nearly identical adventures. Deciding that the resulting Earth had been corrupted, Kal-L had decided, along with Alexander Luthor Jr. and Superboy-Prime, to reformat the existing universe using themselves as the primary template, rather than the current incarnations of the heroes. First Appearance Soon after their arrival on Earth-Two, the Earth-Two Lois dies after telling Kal-L she was happy to have lived such a long life. Kal-L would alter Kal-El's first encounter with Batman, as he called out his bluff and turned the two into true friends. [30], This separation was confirmed in Justice Society of America Annual #1 (2008) when during the battle between the JSA and Justice Society Infinity, it is revealed that this universe's Superman has been missing for several years after a major crisis. Most of the Earth-Two Kal-L origin stories state his powers originated with his Kryptonian heritage and not the energy of a yellow sun (Secret Origins #1 [1986]) and retained his powers in red sun systems (Superman Family #186 and 207). Kal-L fighting Kal-El, in art based on the cover to Action Comics #1. His powers … However, the names of the characters and the team are not mentioned in the panel in which they appear. He seems to prefer the life of a normal man, finding great pleasure in his job as a car mechanic and stating, "Superman was overrated. For Superman, it was the wedding of the century in 1978's Action Comics #484, celebrating the 40th anniversary of Superman… In later years, he was considered an "elder statesman" of Earth-Two's superhero community, the one that later generations of superheroes looked to as an example and role model. Kal-L was a formidable presence, and helped to establish the Justice Society of America. During this time, Wonder Woman arrived on Earth-Two and restrained Kal-L. She and Kal-EL made him realize that reconstructing the universe would not bring about the changes that Kal-L had hoped, as the recreated Earth-Two clearly showed. Earth 2 was the home of eight heroes known as the Eight Wonders of the World. 484, Jun 1978: "Superman Takes a Wife!"). Like the Justice Society of America and its splinter team, Infinity, Inc. An additional ability he possessed which his modern day counterpart didn't was an ability to "mold" his face to disguise himself, as chronicled in several Golden Age tales.Template:Citation needed, Originally,[26] he was significantly weaker than the Silver Age Superman of Earth-One or the Modern Age Superman; it was later revealed his powers took longer to develop or be discovered. As time progressed, Kal-L began to fight against larger, more direct, and obvious criminal organizations which gathered his public identity as a hero, most notably against the Earth-Two Alexei Luthor (who, unlike Earth-One's Lex Luthor, still had his red hair and a far more bloodthirsty nature). A universal … [10], Appalled by the rapidly-deteriorating state of affairs in the world, Kal-L, along with his three companions, decide to emerge from their self-imposed exile to lend their aid. The energy release resulting from the Anti-Monitor's physical death threatened to overcome and kill Kal-L and Superboy-Prime. Action Comics #1(June, 1938) All Kryptonians of the Earth-Two dimension had superhuman powers inherent to their own evolution and physiology which included being able to lift several tons while on Krypton, as well as the ability to leap thousands of feet into the air, sub/near sonic speed movement and high end endurance, unlike other-dimensional Kryptonians who need yellow sunlight to accomplish the same feats. [10] Refusing to participate in Telos' game, Kal-L stops the battle between Power Girl and Earth-30's Wonderwoman and leaves alongside Power Girl in an attempt to put an end to the entire battle.[11]. Its precise chronological placement and canonicity may be unclear. It was during this time that Kal-L eventually met his Earth-One counterpart, Kal-El. Earth 2's Batman and Superman Team Up in DCeased: Dead Planet #1 First Look. Kal-L strikes the final blow that kills the Anti-Monitor once and for all. During one battle with Funnyface, Superman clashed with a duplicate of his pseudo-criminal identity of the Flying Tiger (possessing powers and weaknesses comparable to his original, not unlike Bizarro). Kal-L was buried on the new Earth that he died protecting from Superboy-Prime, alongside Conner and his wife. Kal-L's S shield is six-sided and has tails rather than round endings as drawn from the early 1940s version, though many artists (most notably starting with George Perez in Justice League of America Vol 1 #195-197) usually extended the upper top curve of the S downwards to touch the side of the shield along with the white hair at temple to distinguish Kal-L from the Earth-One Superman. Appearance of Death In order to find out why Kryptonite made him weak, Superman went on a voyage of discovery to find out the stone's origins. In the final issue of the weekly comic book 52, a new Multiverse is revealed, originally consisting of 52 identical realities. He is a version of the Kryptonian superhero Superman from an … DC has released the first look at Tom Taylor, Trevor Hairsine, Stefano Gaudiano and Gigi Baldissini's DCeased: … Template:SeealsoIn the final issue of 52, a new Multiverse is revealed, originally consisting of 52 identical realities. The story was intended to close the book on the original character's history subsequent to the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths and in preparation for the following The Man of Steel reboot by John Byrne, and was Swan's final major contribution to the series, though he would later occasionally return for special occasions.Superman (vol. Kara’s Symbioship is designed to keep her in stasis during the journey and provide her with life experiences and education in the form of a virtual reality. In the Justice League episode "Legends", the League team up with the "Justice Guild of America", an analogue of the Justice Society. The attack was so vicious that Superboy-Prime smashed Kal-L's internal organs and skeletal structure, killing him. Kal-L lashed out at him, blaming Kal-El for "corrupting" Earth-Two, and thus killing Lois. Promotional art for Adventures of Superman #649 (April 2006) cover, by Ivan Reis. .The elder Superman,in Superman/Batman 3: Absolute Power,maybe either of these other Supermen.The Jordan Elliot Superman is clearly linked to the Elder Superman of Absolute Power by having a similar ending as the previous tale and his costume is somewhat similar to the Golden Age Superman,to the same or a similar version. The post-Crisis Earth-2 Power Girl assumes that the Superman the New Earth Power Girl said was dead was the post-Crisis Earth-2 Superman (rather than Kal-L who was killed by Superboy-Prime) and that the New Earth Power Girl had killed him. The character first appeared in Justice League of America #73 (August 1969). The Kryptonians from the Earth-Two universe did not rely on the absorption of yellow solar energy to fuel their powers, they relied on their own internally generated bio-energy. His strength level increased to extensive power-levels, where he started out merely lifting cars, and was later able to lift and throw army tanks. As Kal-L's rocket broke the atmosphere, the planet Krypton exploded. In November 1940, Superman became a founding member of the Justice Society of America. The villains Brainiac and Telos plucked them from their own timeline and stored them together, causing them to cross over into each others' reality. Art by Ethan Van Sciver. Written collaboratively by Kurt Busiek, Fabian Nicieza and Geoff Johns, the new version includes details such as Krypto's presence on Krypton, Jor-El's frustrations with the Council of Krypton refusing to evacuate the planet, Clark's awareness of his adopted status from a young age, having interacted with Lex Luthor at a younger age, Clark not being the direct cause of Lex's baldness, his wearing glasses as far back as his early teens in Smallville, and using his powers to help others at a younger age. They're said to be successful in stopping the catastrophe. Moments before Krypton's destruction, Val, Kara, Kal-Eland another child managed to escape and survive their planet's destruction thanks to Jor-El and Lara. JGA member Tom Turbine is a cross between Kal-L and the Golden Age Atom. Top creators are turned loose to create … Following the New 52 reboot, the Earth-2 concept was rebooted. Kal was initially content to stay in the "paradise" dimension until Lois began to fall ill. Kal then created a replica of Metropolis and the Daily Star office building in an attempt to help. The framing device of Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? Based on comments by G… Superman is a close friend and ally of the Batman of Earth-2 (SF No. But while most of these villains were merely operating on scientifically-based equipment, Superman found his most effective villain in the form of the short, mostly-purple-suited mystical imp, Mister Mxyztplk. Later, he defeated Riva, and cast the two known fragments of Kryptonite into a river.[6]. [5] In his secret identity as Clark Kent, Superman also enjoyed success at the Daily Star, of which he was appointed editor-in-chief in the 1950s, replacing George Taylor. Joe Shuster They would go on to arrest, and then save, Lex Luthor's life when he was inflicted with Kryptonite-poisoning. Later, George Taylor retired as editor-in-chief of the Daily Star, and Clark replaced him in that role, promoting Lois to Lead Investigative Reporter, though he would usually still follow her in many of her dangerous investigations as Superman. As a result, Kal-L still existed and still remembered the history of his home reality, even though no one in the new reality remembered he had ever existed. Alexander then transports Kal-L, the Earth-Two Lois, the Superboy of Earth-Prime and himself into a paradise dimension and sealed themselves off from the universe.[8]. The survivors of the Crisis are about to enter into the paradise dimension. Cover art by Joe Shuster. Based on comments by Grant Morrison, this alternate universe is not the pre-Crisis Earth-Two. Kal-L's superpowers were a result of his Kryptonian heritage, whereby the Kryptonians native to his original universe had known superhuman abilities and powers. As a tribute to the Earth-Two Superman before the Superman character was recreated by John Byrne in the Man of Steel mini-series, Kal-L's origin was retold in Secret Origins #1 (April 1986), written by Roy Thomas and drawn by former Superman artist Wayne Boring. Though at first placed in an orphanage, Kal-L was soon adopted by the Kents and given the name Clark.! Kal-L eventually revealed his dual identities of Clark Kent and Superman to the woman he loved, the Lois Lane of Earth-Two, and they got married. [2] Their early marital life was depicted in the feature "Mr. & Mrs. Superman" in DC's Superman Family series. Kal-El’s father, Jor-El was a gifted engineer and a scientist of the Guild of Thought; and his mother, Lara Lor-Van, was the Guild of Reason's chosen representative to the High Council of Krypton.The House of El were not among t… [32] He also appears in the video game Justice League Heroes as an alternate costume for Superman. Without his clumsy acts and disappearing devices, he eventually won the heart of Lois Lane as Clark Kent. In comics, he is known for The Amazing Spider-Man, The Twelve, Thor and Silver Surfer: Requiem, as well as SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE Volumes 1 & 2 and BEFORE WATCHMEN for DC Comics. Mr. Only Kara - Power Girl, as she would later be known - was known to interact with this virtual Kryptonian reality. A later conflicted re-interpretation stated Kal-L's powers fluctuated when under a red sun as noted in Infinite Crisis and All-Star Comics.Template:Citation needed. Taking the advice to heart, Clark created the identity of Superman. The story was published in two parts, in the final issues of the series Superman (Vol. Written by Alan Moore, pencilled by long-time Superman artist Curt Swan, and inked by George Pérez (Superman) and Kurt Schaffenberger (Action), the tale incorporates the Mort Weisinger-era style but has a distinctly modern twist. Mr and Mrs Superman, a feature in Superman Family (1974–1982), featured stories of the adventures of married Superman and Lois Lane of Earth-Two. When the Golden Age of Comic Books came to a close in the 1950s, most of DC Comics' superhero comic books ceased publication. Reactivated once again as the Black Lantern Superman, Kal-L's corpse was eventually stopped by the full Justice Society. Art by George Perez. Seeing that he was wrong, and that the ambitions of recreating the universe would not bring about an improvement, Kal-L decided to correct his mistake. During the next year, Kal-L eventually reveals his secret identity as Superman to the public, and works to help keep the city's peace. Kal-L revealed himself to Power Girl, as well as to the current incarnation of his best friend, Batman, hoping to get them to agree to his plan to recreate the universe to his expectations. As a result of Mister Mind "eating" aspects of this reality, it takes on visual aspects similar to the pre-Crisis Earth-Two, including an alternate Superman and other Justice Society characters, although the names of the characters and the team are not mentioned in the panel in which they appear. Alexander Luthor, Jr. had saved Lois Kent from the universal reset by taking her from the dying Multiverse to a newly-discovered pocket dimension before the battle at the "Dawn at Time," thus saving her from the reset. Superman#76 not an Earth-2 story. In the end, this war of the metas would leave Earth-One a lifeless husk, leading Kal-L to realize that Earth-One wasn't worth saving, but Earth-Two was. Among them is one designated "Earth-2". [12] Kal-L then attempts to enlist Batman's aid by claiming that Batman's distrust of the heroes has been caused by Earth-One’s darker nature, and promises that he will always stand by Bruce when the 'right' Earth returns. After establishing himself as one of the premiere heroes of Earth-Two, Kent later started to focus on his personal life, advancing his own reporter career to become the Lead Investigative Reporter for the Daily Star. When her father Zor-L discovered that Krypton was about to explode, he placed her in a spacecraft directed towards Earth. This earth was presented as direct continuation of the continuity from the Golden Age comics but various inconstancies resulted in the actual Golden Age stories being assigned to Earth-Two-A . After the 1985-86 miniseries Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Earth-One Superman … Alexander Luthor of Earth-Three then reveals to Kal that he saved the Lois Lane of Earth-Two from the collapse of the Multiverse. [4] He was referred to as an "honorary member" along with Batman during the Justice Society's original meeting. Wearing the ring, however, places Kal-L under the influences of Nekron and his disciples Scar and Black Hand. In this realm, the toddler Kal-El was found and raised by Lionel Luthor instead of the Kents. Template:Seealso DC Comics characters who can move at superhuman speeds, DC Comics characters with accelerated healing, DC Comics characters with superhuman strength, File:Adventures of Superman 649 coverart.jpg, The Justice League Watchtower: The Justice Guild of America, Superman Through the Ages: Earth-2 Superman,, {{cite book | first=Robert | last=Heinlein | authorlink= | date=1980 | title=Expanded Universe | edition= | publisher=. Superman Earth One has been an unexpected success for DC the past couple years. The death of Kal-L from Infinite Crisis #7. Kal-L's corpse and base memories were revived by the Black Lantern Ring, and was used as an active weapon against the New Earth Superman and Conner Kent in Smallville. Unfortunately, the singular universe erased the history of the universe that Kal-L came from, and most of the people he knew outside of the heroic community, including his wife Lois Lane-Kent. Red sun radiation removes his powers. Opening it he stares gleefully at a large, glimmering diamond. This character is or was a member of the All-Star Squadron in any of its various incarnations. Born Kal-L on Krypton and later living on Earth as Clark Kent, he is the protector of Metropolis and Earth. When heroes started rising up against Kal-L's more violent methods, he would strike them down with his own Justice League. After having her memories restored by the Earth-Two Lois' touch, Kal-L then reveals to Power Girl that his plan is to bring back Earth-Two. Kal-L's joy turned to heartbreak when Lois died, despite their seeming return to Earth-Two. Kal-El then intervenes and eventually manages to take down Superboy-Prime, who is then imprisoned by several Green Lanterns. 2 ( ISBN 978-8415990970 ), ECC Ediciones, Spain Superman Terre-un … Earth-Two is one of the paralell universes in the Multiverse. He eventually marries Lois Lane (Act No. The current Kal-El heard Kal-L cry out in agony, and came to Earth-Two to investigate. This would change in the early 1950s, when two of Kal-L's enemies would fight to see which nature was more powerful — the advanced science of Colonel Future, or the ancient mystical powers of the Wizard. Despite his honorable intentions, Superman was not initially considered a hero, and was in fact regarded as a vigilante working outside, and at times, against the established legal authorities. This template will categorize articles that include it into the "Black Lantern Corps members category.". Upon finding that Kal-L had been defeated and returned to an inactive corpse, Black Lantern Lois Kent sacrificed her own revival to reactivate Kal-L's corpse for its greater power-levels. There was only oneGreen Lantern present, in this reality. However, Superman was one of the few exceptions; his stories had been published without interruption since his debut in 1938's Action Comics #1. As Superman, Kal-L was considered to be the first superhero in Earth-Two's history, being the first individual to appear in a colorful costume and display superhuman abilities. Among the parallel realities shown is one designated "Earth-2". Lane would eventually start to suspect that Kent and Superman were one and the same, based on Kent's continual absences whenever Superman would appear, and Kent's extensive detailed reports before Lane could phone in the story, despite being at the scene of the adventure. The two married, but Lois discovered Clark's secret while on their honeymoon when trying to cut Clark's hair, which broke the scissors Lane used. After several defeats at the hands of the "Man of Tomorrow," Colonel Future challenged the boasted powers of the Wizard to prove its effectiveness over his own super-science against their greatest threat, Superman. The New 52 - Earth-2. As Clark Kent, he reported on his own costumed adventures and was eventually partnered with Lois Lane, a courageous female reporter who had a crush on Superman, but who didn't think much of the timid Clark Kent. es:Kal-L After his return to current time, Kal-L continued to battle an ever-increasing amount of advanced villains, including the Puzzler, The Archer, Ultra-Humanite, Toyman, Prankster, Funnyface, and many more. Kal-L was pivotal among many of the battles to defeat the Anti-Monitor, who was eliminating positive-matter realities in order to increase his power levels to allow him to recreate the universe in his own dark image. Brainiac collected the city of Metropolis from Earth-Two before the entire timeline is erased at the conclusion of the 1985 crossover story Crisis on Infinite Earths. All three brothers were members of the ruling scientific council exiled from Krypton after they attempted to conquer the planet. [6] Later Superman's lookalike Mala created a counterfeit Earth.[7]. He is the creator of the hit TV series Babylon 5, and was … Kal-L then survives the collapse of the alternate Earths into New Earth and then witnesses the death of Kon-El, which makes him realize he condemned the wrong Superboy.[17]. Freed of his need to repress his more aggressive and assertive persona, Kent acted out his nature, but without his costume and his flight abilities. Labs began developing a particle accelerator, which upon its activation, exploded and released dark matter waves underground, giving m… The battle between the two Superboys ended with Prime killing the vastly under-powered Conner, as Prime's power levels were shown to be literally infinite, with his physical strength-levels able to push planets out of orbit unaided, which was beyond Conner and Kal-L's levels. is a 1986 comic book story featuring the DC Comics character of Superman. Labs was established by Harrison Wells and presumably his wife, later becoming a forefront in technology and science. Originally debuting in 1938, this Superman is much like his modern day counterpart of Earth-1, but has noticeable differences in his … Through his trip, Val was educated by his parents' knowledge recorded on his capsule, teaching him that violence was the stupidest way to overcome issues,driving him to become a pacifist man. It was eventually established that there were two Supermen.