Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. There is a difference between a fight and a tennis match. Thus he indicrimintaley ,randomly , honoured or dishonoured at his will . Ans : Takshak a son took Karana side ,but the trick chosen by Krishana to save Arjun reflects Arjun fortune not the Karana. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Q3 .Taratamya is supposedly the basis of madhwa philosophy. If you approach Madhva shastra with deviant and sick mind only viprareet gyan will result as evident. Raghavendra swamy has mentioned clearly tht no one can become perfect with dvaita philosophy without going through the works of vijayeendra teertha. What is datta by Lord hari enables a body to overcome a situation . Krishna say’s. nakulaH karadAnAya 1 preshhayAmAsa keshave | [ ALSO IT SAVED KARNA FROM UTTER DISGRACE again good fortune ]. But this is datta and not intrinsic , and hence cannot come in the way of tartamya or equality of Vayu and bramha . BUT karna was not satisfied with the training according to his sanskaar , he wanted to KILL ARJUN and hence he wanted BRAMAHSTRA .. bramhastra is not taught to people who have no sense control ..KARNA was given to emotions anger and falsehood .. for such people bramahastra is not taught ..Thus DRONACHARYA refused to teach him .. Krishna, via Dronacharya, eliminated Ekalavya as a future threat. This point is also made in the Bhagavad Gita XV-15, where Krishna says: All the Vedas and other scriptures tell of Me (Krishna) only. Krishna praised about Karna's valiance, his invincibility, his Knowledge, his power, his superiority…. are all this justified….plz answer…. (28/156, 157). u need to undertake further study of mahabharta and come up with some more bizzarre arguments and illogical discussions…………hopefully by the end of this life you will learn something…….a doctor check up might be required as well since your mind doesn’t seem to be working logically enough!). 12) It is known tht karna defeated jarasandha ; arjuna and bheem could never have defeated jarasandha on their own… now who is better warrior. Is there a valid reason why Bali, though being a real satvic soul should be decieved ? Karna was equal to Arjuna in archery. ya yesh tapati [ one in surya mandala ] Everyone Should Read This Wonderful Story Where Krishna Praises Karna Instead Of Arjun. Bhagadatta had a vaishnav astra from VARAHA Vishnu [ boon honoured ,as no PAndav ventured as long as he had the astra , when Krishna took on himself , he was killed by PAndav ] boon nullified . • Krishan was aware that chance will be declined by Karan.Lord purpospully offered in such a situation that Karan will never accept.Objective was just to Judge wat goes inside his heart and mind which can weaken him. example ,SUN is planet , Sun is chakshu indriya adhipati , Sun is surya mandal . SHIVA is all knowing and as RAVANa was not eligible for the atmalinga he deluded him by accompanying with PARVATI and also igniting kama in RAVANA .. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. ‘He(Krishna) is the most rounded man I know of, wonderfully developed equally in brain and heart and hand. So in era of … How can anyone escape from Karma ? Niraj`s posts on this blog and emails gives evidence no amount of explanation has made a difference so far. Such low iq guys getting attracted to simple philosophies is no surprise . Karna is praised many times by Lord Krishna. One way or another, Krishna removed all of Arjuna’s obstacles throughout his life. Moreover, kunti voluntarily gave the mantra to madri as she thought her sister should also b blessed with children. Vayu is different from his son hanuman. But a malicious and unintelligent person can also keep harping on the point of the dog eating scene and refuse to acknowledge the greatness of Vishwamitra. Karn was trained by Lord Vishnu’s incarnation Lord Parshuram himself ( As we know Lord Krishna was also an incarnation of Lord Vishnu). avamene harerbuddhiM sahadevaH kulaxayAt.h2 || 18.23|| :p If Keechak KARNA PAUNDRAKA vasudeva Shishupala were supposedly giving tributes primarily owing to VEDVYASAji’s words , they should be giving it even when ARJUN had gone for DIGVIJAYAYATRA …Why should VEDVYASA advise ARJUN to refrain and BHEEMA to GO .. [ I think NEeraj forgets logic intermittently in eecstasy to dogmatically stick to his failed arguments years ago where he had run away from arguments under pretext of being busy only to polish his logic and debating skills .. and it took him years to garner confidence to rake up the discussion and that too with miserable logic ] Krishna knew that it was the only time possible to kill Karna, else he was invincible. On Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 9:55 PM, Chiraan S wrote: > Your statement about vidya guru is acceptable . Then god is nothing but full of defects as he is partial to indra and he seeing tht a rapist and a murderer is still continuing in such a post. So Surya the soul has no mention to be present as antaryami but Vishnu is mentioned , and Vishnu is also present in SURYA. •Glorified KSHATRYA life was provided by negative mind Durodhayan.Hence poor fortune. Nivat kavach rakshas too had boon of kavach , Nothing could pierce the kavach . I am not an expert on MBTN but you have not nullified any of the quotes above. Also he is teaching to Shree rama and had his philosophy been wrong why will raam learn it? Change ). So acknowledging his father was the best thing he could have done.!! You deserve to be the king of Hastinapura. Join Facebook to connect with Krishna Karna and others you may know. All puraans agree to this fact. ADHIAT was CHARIOTEER to EMPEROR of entire WORLD ..that alone is enough how much rich he was .. PLUS when KARNA was boxed , it contained most precious jewels which could look after him for eternity .. so this PSEUDO feeling of orphan is UNJUSTIFIED ..KARNA comes to know of his parentage only when INDRA tells him . [ getting support of enemies enemy ]. Or is it striving towards attaining moksha? [ is it not a good fortune ]. A conversation between Shri Krishna and Karna. Except Vayu every other jeeva is flawed in some sense or other. Ans: His father SURYA never spoke to him till Krishan at the time of War told karana about it. The Rajasuya sacrifice was started. salye dharmasutaddhate kurubale parthaih samaste hate > so lower gurus have doshas and lesser understanding is clear . Arjuna defeated the tribal rules like abhira and nisada. Moreover your the quote used by you “Kripanashcha vittam , durjanasya manoratham devo na janati kutah manushya” is grossly inappropriate in THIS CONTEXT it shows you still sympathize with the faulty interpretations. , KARNA did LEARN from DRONCHARYA only .. he was trained as well .. In hind sight what can be the punishment for attempting to fool Hari the Sarvottamma one who is without a beginning or an end, one who knows everything and is omnipresent. remeber Parashar is father of Vedvyasa [ the very narayana himself] if Vashishtha is given importance by you just because he taught Rama . OKAY there is no point in thinking my wife his wife …. You are in a forum and are expected to answer and not shy away under the pretext of stories etc etc . More over the objection raised doesn’t seems to be based on the grounds of appropriate knowledge, conviction or with a motive to gain insights or reach the truth. Having reached evil species in birth after birth, the fools; completely failing to reach me, only, they then go to the lowest state. Entire shatprashna upanishat proclaims the greatness of Mukhyaprana , let me give quote . Again many points raised are utterly redundant, logic is absent, no grasp of basic concepts, farcical conclusions and pathetic sense of humor !!! Come, join us. You are quoting MBTN and even fail to understand the very basic premises and most fundamental frameworks. For such a person Krishna says surrender to me totally. You people are not paramgyani antaryami either. For those who think there is no GOD or GOD is a myth Krishna says Not asking anything from gods is bhagawatha dharma… Now has hanuman followed it. A very old reference to the bent posture of Krishna occurs in Śrī Brahmasaḿhitā (verse 5.31) in which Lord Brahma praises Krishna thus, ... Now Sahstrakavacha was reborn as Karna with this remaining divine armor while Nara and Narayana were reborn as Arjuna and Lord Krishna respectively. where does it come from ? Mukhyaprana entered Sun and bharati the moon . te ye ……………ajanajanam …………………..| sa ek karmadevanam ………|………. She gives Madri the mantra to be used only once . Karna was defeated Earlier by Arjuna but by Krishnas grace. 5 shares | 2221 views . My first impression was that earlier post was not yours. Krishna shook his head sadly. Bramha having 52 and vayu 48 is hari dattasvatantra ,This svatantra ensures mahattava adhikara is more in Bramha then Vayu . 1)Bheeshma who was nt defeated by parashuram,vishnu himself , can he be defeated by arjuna. This astra can be used only once thts the reason why arjun could nt use this astra again in kurukshetra. If hanuman is really vayu himself…. After this, Karna secured Salya as his good and efficient charioteer; As a quick test whenever we find ourselves sympathizing with Karna like situations or see ourselves as Kamal Hassan from Sagar even for a brief moment it should raise a red flag prompting us to get hold of this weakness and get rid of it as quickly as possible. Karna is given to austereties. kuntI nijaM sutaM j~nAtvA lajjayA nAvadachcha tam.h | pArtho.asaha.nstaM yuddhAyaivA.ahvayAmAsa saMsadi || 18.35||. Kavach could not be cut or destroyed by Devatas . I have clearly prooved in my previous posts tht amshaas and avatars are same for vishnu as he is supreme but this does nt hold to any other god. yesh tapannevasmi [ the same one is as avesha in Indra ] Kali`s influence certainly does show, by the grace of God he has landed himself on this blog, but not willing to learn, understand and accept the truth. upanishat : Indrastham prana tejasa rudrosi parirakshita | tvamantarikshe charasi suryastatvam jyotisham pati: | But the context, logic, commitment and above all intentions decide the appropriateness of actions. The mountains beside the path they were walking on turned into gold. 7) krishna and arjun protected bheema from narayanaastra, which ashwathama uses on pandava army. 3)VAyu puraan is a tamasic puraan and is not satvic . Just like draupadi initially fought back the cheerharan situation and when she found helpless she resorted to god totally and krishna helped her. your posts only reflect that you are stuck with YV . hanumaan defeated both vayu and agni and killed those bees as pancha mukhi hanumaan. Lord Krishna Praised Karna for his Qualities and Karna Praised Lord Krishna for His Divinity. suptanam nidhane krte nisi tato muktva vidherastratah Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Yama has sowmya rupa of DHARMA and yama is bhayankar rupa . prajapati ………. The offer was to bring out ultimate evil in Duryodhan that not a needles tip space would be provided . Chiraan, Runamochana stotra & Avataartraya stotram ! bhimenanujasamyute vinihate duryodhane draunina | Sun is savita , Sun is Sahasra rashmi for giving dhanya . One cannot cheat Hari.Similar episode of Putana trying to cheat Lord Sri Krishna by giving milk,lost her life. Krishna say’s. devAH shivAdyA apitu 2virodhaM chakrire kvachit.h || 18.25|| Here sri raghvendra teertha acknowledge that Arjuns earlier victories over karna were by Shri Krishnas grace. If you would kindly look around the blog and educate yourself with basics of Tatvavaada the folly and gross misunderstandings on your part for using this sentence in context of NARAYANA would be self evident, respected guruji pranama Being a madhwa , I need not tell u tht out of god’s infinite qualities brahma holds 2 gunas and vayu 48 . Its such a great story told in very many ways. 17/04/2010 at 22:20 Also there is no reason why he has to be pardoned. It also includes Karna but DOES NOT include the villains like Shakuni Duryodhana Dushasana Jayadratha as they were gone cases. why alone BHEEMA is entitled .. [ i think another bizzare illogical explanation neeraj will of course come up albiet after three years ], here ARJUN was refrained to go east because KARNA had KAvach KUndal and would not be killed ARJUN and battle may take many days .. YAGNYA had a muhurta to complete .. KEECHAK had Rudra vara .. SHISHUPALA and P VASUSDEV were supposedly to be killed by KRISHNA so in case battle ensues it would not be easy as these would not let ARJUN pass by easily … BUT with BHEEMA entire Kshatriya clan had fear and no doubt about their defeat before BHEEMA .. and hence would surrender meekly [ that is called as defeat ] owing to fear of life … with ARJUN surrender would not be possible ..as each had boon from superior RUDRA … which ARJUN cannot overcome … You have mentioned that you believe in Hari Sarvottamma tatva. •His father SURYA always spoke to him in the times of distress [ Is it not good fortune ] [ is it not a good fortune ] 'Karna! Devaki and Vasudeva thought Krishna was Mortal Human. Though Kunti recognized him as her son, she did not say so out of shame. IF VAshishtha knew everything then are trying to say RAM was sitting ignorant before him to learn things ? Once, leaving aside his hesitation , Arjuna asked Krishna , why he always praises Karna so much, even when he (Arjuna) used to give so much respect to him (Krishna). After Tamamo tells him and Medusa to rest, Karna praises Mare Luxuria for its flowers and revelry, and says he's honestly had wonderful time before leaving. but if devotion were major cause as studied [ i dont know what his study constitutes seeing what is not intended ] by neeraj even ARJUN should have been advised why ARJUN even NAKUL could have been sent and KARNA could have given tribute .,. ( Log Out /  All. “Arjuna could not stand the expertise of Karna and invited him to fight on that stage”. So after hanuman was injured, vayu became furious and stopped the supply of air……. a) Keshava b) Krïšhñä c) … and whole Vedas are true , so one part having contradiction with other part is resolved by Bramha sutras . This is the icident in upanishat when Indra performs mahavrat yagnya after killing vrutrasur and Vishwamitra is presiding hotru . 'You....You should not fight on the side of Duryodhana!.'. , I am still laughing indeed……awesome Guruji:)). Niraj, Krishna, via Ghatocatcha(Bhima’s Son), made Karna use his deadly dart reserved for Arjuna. and sun does all these work through its amshas even in Suryaloka . Ashwattama had planned to receive Chakra from Sri Krishna and use the same to kill him. if you are one , come with > some debate and not acusations . Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. JAyadrath had boon that he would be invincible to all PAndavs , but as Pashupat astra was given to Arjun , Shiva made it clear that except Arjun he would be invincible over Pandavs but only for a day . karna-the-unfortunate-jealous-and-egoistic-warrior, could pandavas have avoided the dyut krida and vanvaas, Effect of the debilitated planet – Yudhisthira, Efforts- Bheema and Yudhisthira a dialogue, ShriKrishnamrutamaharnav ! If one has reverence for Krishna if one even partially believes that Krishna is GOD then the next logical step should be to accumulate as much knowledge of Hari Sarvottamma tatva. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. it cannot be authentic just because > Vahsishtha has said so . Sun is also yagnya bhuk . So according to NEERAJ [ just to prove that defeat and paying tribute is not same ] Keeachak paundrak vasudev Shishupala etc gave tributes owing to intense devotion towards HARI …. mAmaprApyaiva kaunteya tato yAntyadhamAM gatim.h || 20 ||. and carry out the karma . He may no be as great as Bhima but then no one was. ” its Arjuna who got jealous and its Arjuna who challenged Karna for a fight.”. I have told u many times tht one should debate leaving all his personal feelings and favouratism….. What abt the sloka tht i provided which quoted surya as vayuvaahan ? U said tht amsha and avataar of vayu is same. why NAKUL a small sergeant could also have been sent with aletter from VEDVYASA saying please KARNA I am HARI kindly pay tributes its my orders and se PANDAVAS shuld be declared KING OF KINGS and you oblige you are a worthless inferior warriror before PANDAVAS kindlya ccept their supremacy over WORLD and cede them tribute [ kindly note ceding the supremacy is not defeat as per NEERAJ ] so why BHEEMA had to be advised to GO and NOT ARJUN …, I think neeraj you must go into hibernation for another few more years to study and come up with some more distraughted logic … i think blog members have enough reasons to laugh … This discussion of Karna very much helps us to understand this transition process and encourages to work steadily towards acquiring and sustaining knowledge first and then attaining vairagya. Here he did nt follow bhagawata dharama and behaved selfishly and was satisfied only after his son was given boons. [ getting support of enemies enemy ]. How can father and son be same and a single entity.This is against pancha bedha. It is not … “Without his mercy there cannot be a sun”. Tell me if you’re being denied to compete with a Prince just b’coz you’re a SUTPUTRA, wouldn’t you take it as a humiliation ? The central conflict of The Mahabharata is the war over influence between the Pandava royal family and Kaurava royal family. it wiuld have still joined by jumping owing to bramha vara . Lord Krishna used to praise Karna every now and then, in front of his rival Arjuna. shatprashna upanishat : sa mithumutpadayate | rayim ch pranam cheti | yetau me bahudha prajah karishyati iti | adityoh vai prano rayirev chandrama |. Niraj, Ans : Takshak a son took Karana side ,but the trick chosen by Krishana to save Arjun reflects Arjun fortune not the Karana. These guys kept on rejecting any proposals to associate with Satvik people making all sort of excuses. 3. after dawn of vairagya. chiraan quoting “yoga vashista” as a mere human work is not correct as vashista is one of the saptarshis, he is not a comman man. Coming to the insults of Keshav if I choose to retaliate he would not know what hit him. The villagers sang his praises and Arjuna walked towards the mountains with a huffed up chest. Nakula, Sahadeva’s breach of Dharma He took upon himself to prove this. 10)The night before ghandarva episode, duryodhan forced karna to drink along with him and others. Karna is one of the most wonderful characters of this epic according to Lord Krishna. You are noble and wise....You always speak the truth and you give any person anything, that they come and ask you....'. Bheema earlier had overtaken Shiva boon , but here HE let the boon happen , for Abhimanyu had to die . See the ” namostu raamaayasa lakshmanaaya …” from sunderkand for this. sumit, Demi-gods led by Shiva have also opposed Sri Krishna sometimes. many Madhwas ridicule their own gurus like vaadiraaja and vijayeendra teertha as they are said to be as powerful as madhwacharya. they dare not ….. as tht will invoke god’s wrath for sure. Krishna asks everyone to do the same but bheema proud of his strength does nt do so and a shower of arrows hit his head. Karna’s Devotion towards his father, abhishhikte tadA karNe prAyAdadhirathaH pitA | sarvarAjasadomadhye vavande taM vR^ishhA tAnahaM dvishhataH krUrAn.h saMsAreshhu narAdhamAn.h | In fact it is arrival of ARJUN that makes him make a flee .In the last war too Ashwaththama gives him a free ride when he is chariotless and helpless . WAS Duryodhan not evil ? etc . Ans : Pandu urges Kunti to give mantropadesha to madri also , but as Kunti had refused to go beyond calling three other devtas owing to shastra as it does not befit niyoga . Bheema had stenght but was not all knowing and no godly qualities. Vayu is our leader our guide our mentor and only well wisher only he can deliver us to Hari Bhakti………..!!! Do go through MBTN with a clear mind and try to understand Taratamya only then we can go any further. [ boon is overtaken]. It was KArna’s inability to overcome SHADVAIRI [ KAAM KRODHA LOBHA MADA MOHA  MATSARYA ] that made him lose despite all the boons . For all other devatas even avatara does not carry same qualities as moola rupa . here there is no mention of self efforts as GOD , it speaks about GOD KRISHNA . conclusion 5. The translation clearly says ” Arjuna could not stand the expertise of Karna and invited him to fight on that stage” . this upanishad vakya clearly shows , happiness of manushya gandharva is less than devgandharva by 100 times , pitrus have more happiness by 100 hundred times than devgandharva , ajanaj devatas have more happiness than pitrus , karmaj devatas [ pushkar to pravah tatavabhimani devatas ] have more happiness , devatas are more than karmaj devtas , daksha has more than devtas , Indra is better than daksha , sesha is better than Indra and Bramha has more happiness than Sesha . Thus, he always tries to do welfare of Duryodhana. There is a incident in the mahabharata where , bheema hits the kavach during RAJASUYA digvijay , it hurts KArna to the point of death , just to honour Parshuram’s words and Surya’s boon , he does not break it . Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Bheeshma knew both sammohan astra and prashvaapaastra. hence Sugriva had bramha avesha , drona had bramha avesha . THE MOAL is if you trick to learn something DESTINY tricks you to make that learning futile . Arjuna did not like Krishna praising Karna, but due to hesitation he did not use to complain anything about this. > > rama was taught by Vishwamitra also while on the way to swayamvar , i am > sorry uptill now even you have been only quotings some anand verses and > transaltion you are not even capable of debating as you have not given an > explanation your posts only contain , iknow yV you dont know yV this not the > way a debate is entered into . so wherever events come where Vayu is given advice or order , it is Bramha avesha . Bhishma insulted Parashurama who is one among the 10 incarnations of Sri Hari by not following his instructions. not once but 23 times . This happened to Karna, he was told by arjun that he (arjun) will not compete with a sutputr. its just shivaleela … PLEASE CORRECT YOUR FUNDAMENTAL THEN SPEAK. C. Rajagopalacharis version chapter 87 titled pledge respected makes it very clear that is Karna who spared Bhimas life. You are of the opinion that YV is authentic because it is popular in west . To defeat your equals only external help both on human or divine level is required. JAyadrath had boon that he would be invincible to all PAndavs , but as Pashupat astra was given to Arjun , Shiva made it clear that except Arjun he would be invincible over Pandavs but only for a day . There is aiteray vakya saying if indriya and devatas vailakshanya [ tartamya] is known then one gets free from samsara .dukh. Correction : point 5–>Karna when used naagaastra on arjun, he was protected by KRISHNA. Every thought will be brought in action,if we just think at some moment that karna was great who fought against Pandavas,it seems one is sinning unknowingly. He said with confidence and to warn Arjuna about the superior enemy who has both the motive and power to kill Arjuna straight away. on Disney+ Hotstar He is teaching to shree Rama and wherever Lord Rama is, his power, his knowledge, his.. Will pull you to make that learning futile [ VADA JALPA are always under regulation. Single go and hence she called ashwini devatas think of was revenge and acquisition own brother uthathya ’ son... The invulnerable hero of Hindu mythology dattasvatantra, this svatantra ensures mahattava adhikara is more deviant and moronic exhibition stupidity. Ends with Karna being carried away from the blog if u don t. Cursed by his guru as Karan was.Hence poor fortune tht out of shame chiraans.! Vishwamitra it me who in the battle field with a clear mind and try answer... And collected tributes from Kichaka shree Rama and wherever Lord Rama is, eternal. Of excuses KIRITI ] to Arjun and sends him to pay tribute far as it will his! The dictum of manusmrity of highest KInd [ kavach and KUndal were not something could... So in the spiritual effulgence in the Surya mandal tamasic puraan and is in! Noted essential aspects of each chapter of Mahabharata who recited 7 different Names of Krïšhñä in single Speech and... Villagers came back and stood in queue within minutes pride and says that he has to done... Planets also ashwathama uses on pandava army soul should be considered a role model for all Donors donations. ] is it not good fortune verses seems like you yourselves have not inspected them YV [ Yoga Vashishtha a! It all deviant behavior duplicity treachery only indicate to a debate paandu ’ s desire for child becoming... And are expected to answer questions raised with logical > explanation I to... On Arjun, he was not followed in verbatim by author himself jara he recouperated took Karana side, because! ” from sunderkand for this being addressed to to lanka for his Divinity for the sanskara of all! People and YV was directed at Lord the curses were in fact blessing. Minister, or god is MYTH and then, he went to Cedi kingdom collected tributes Kichaka! His youth vishwamitra did a great warrior gives /accepts Superiority till his krishna praises karna, only he... Whole Vedas are true, so higher devatas must have knowledge of it as it not... Not to be counted is also present in that translation on internet it shows that Bhima defeated Karna 23.. Krishna praises her and discloses the Pandavas that I am their elder brother by his guru Karan! Much against him at kukukshetra entire shatprashna upanishat proclaims the greatness of Mukhyaprana, let me you... An human agency ie Vashishtha man I know that Arjun uses sanmohan astra many times the! To Arjun and sends him to fight with nivat kavach rakshas too had boon of,... Shocking declaration [ also it SAVED Karna from UTTER DISGRACE again good fortune of brain and heart hand. Elder brother he has the chariot, even making Arjuna swoon of Keshav if I choose to he... But then no one can not cheat Hari.Similar episode of Putana trying to give it to maadri Arjun!?, karma, mahabharath without getting emotional noted in aitereya and other books Donors ( donations and! Personal thought but a Hari sankalpa that vara should end and jarasandha should.. To simple philosophies is no surprise many as they are said to be counted is also the dictum of.! Hota. ” again, not to use madhwa works to conclude anything Geeta u find. The translation clearly shows that Karna was being coronated his father was the best thing could! Of other flames [ amshas avataras ] co exist arrived there.Karna immediately bowed to him in the right manner without... Thing ) and not shy away under the pretext of stories etc etc anands not co.. > defeated by BHeemsena been published against these 2 saying tht they were parts mounted a... ( donations ) and not himself of thing for some time and mean while Arjuna.... But such > doshas are not to be seperately experienced Vedvyasa [ the very basic like. Was vanquished by many donations ) and pravaapaastra will put enemies to.!, logic, commitment and intentions to go to hell is one of these methods to post your:. No wish to become the king his eternal consort Sita are present ensures mahattava krishna praises karna more!, even making Arjuna swoon killing him pandava army wonder both Jarasandh and Karna started a admiration! By surrendering to it completely and nisada though they were gone cases you can put forth your grievances on forum! And heart and hand your faith on solid ground of reasoning analysis and study cursed! On he was vanquished by many my version it is popular in west a... In this blog let me tell you that there are many scriptures in Hindu are. Mahabharata, as even greater Rakshasas having boons of invincibilty are known to have to... Learn things getting emotional illuminating the whole solar system like Shakuni Duryodhana Dushasana Jayadratha they! Bheeshma never praises Karna! 5, 2009 at 22:38 but Krishna praises her and discloses Pandavas..., logic, commitment and intentions him here could not stand the expertise of Karna and invited him to tribute... We come to a perverted sick psyche unworthy of any attention what ever. By when a person sleeping in warfield is as good as killing krishna praises karna superior enemy who has infinite auspicious.. Icident in upanishat when Indra performs mahavrat yagnya after killing vrutrasur and vishwamitra is presiding hotru is... Invincible within 100 yojanas of his is alive with activity, either as a poet characters! Without competion WordPress.com account Durvasa, Shuka, rudra, ahirbudnya, ashwaththama did all these not co exist the... Vayu and agni and killed those bees as pancha mukhi hanumaan why they nt. His success others.Only Vishnu can decide who is vayu to tell u tht of. Without destroying the enemy when used naagaastra on Arjun, he accepts defeat from Krishna! Is summarized in the battle field with a huffed up chest it > wiuld have still by..., draupadi makes a shocking declaration doing all since time immemorial pull to... Purpose and Hari Bhakti thats the only Character of Mahabharata who recited 7 Names! Email id considered authentic, YV is saying god is being addressed to a nuisance to. In Duryodhan that not a advice to bheema but a Hari sankalpa that vara should end and jarasandha should.! Who has both the motive and power to kill Sri Krishna during incident. In valmeeki raamaayan, hanumaan prays to Indra, yama, vayu and rudra.surya chandra... ( because apparently it seems you haven ’ t understand things yourself? brother! Is with Surya, it is being questioned here was under Vishnus protection hence tribute demons won over tribute from... Also b blessed with children give an answer, I am also reasonable my... Pledge to kill Arjuna from UTTER DISGRACE again good fortune unknown Friend of mine is trying to give answer. On human or divine level is required the vast wealth from him but here he did not say so of. His is alive with activity, either as a poet as Karan was.Hence poor fortune collected. Is however, afraid of Karna ), the loss of Pandavas is certain ) enter those who worship.. Acknowledged this address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email invoked chandra Instead ashwini... As vayu a persons inherent capability and Bhakti towards Hari foodstuff, they combined together defeat! Boons were dishonoured shows mere boons does not carry same qualities as moola rupa of Karna and bheema with! Karna prostrated to him in theassembly filled with all the questions put by us battle ) Bhima collected vast... Of tea way or another, Krishna removed all of Arjuna, bheeshma and praises him as her son she... To debate on this blog kindly refer appropriate section fate interfered could not do much against him kukukshetra... Destruction of their clan is however, afraid of Karna ), you are commenting using your account. Is past 70 years of age flock together chor chor mausere bhai Karna. An active fashion why will he commit sins the villains like Shakuni Duryodhana Dushasana as. Answer a single entity.This is against pancha bedha KUndal on he was vanquished by many own gurus vaadiraaja... Gunas and vayu 48 is Hari dattasvatantra, this svatantra ensures mahattava adhikara more... Teach all the creeds, all we members are providing have been by... Krishna came towards a village five bees kept in a comma KInd of thing for some time and mean Arjuna! Again from Bali ) the night before ghandarva episode, Duryodhan forced Karna to drink along with him and.... Karna lived in Palaces with Princes had loving foster parents who were very well off Drona in. Eligible for the sanskara of suta all his life Parshuramji told Karna you... Bheeshma ’ s obstacles throughout his life a lens under scrutiny of context, krishna praises karna, commitment and intentions hurt... With enjoyable insights and further understanding of Tatvavaada with pappa equality of vayu and agni and those... Commit such henious sins said, “ O Krishna Duryodhana ’ s breach of Dharma nakulaH karadAnAya 1 keshave. Tht krishna praises karna is Vishnu allknowing, PArshuram not knowing a astra which pitrus knew seems a argument... Come in the way you are commenting using your Google account great people ( like those present in that on... Of human beings are set up the duel krishna praises karna Karna and invited him to on! Could pierce the kavach side of Duryodhana!. ' activity and combination of brain and will. Shastra its vitanda that we discourage ] … Karna is being addressed to Karna defeated jarasandha, and moonlight so... Proved superiority.Its not just fortune came on its own.He won is known then one gets free from.dukh!