Scheduled Maintenance

Maintenance and Repair

Think of preventive HVAC maintenance in the same way as the preventive maintenance for your car - if you don't change your engine oil and replace belts and filters, the engine will lock up and the car won't operate. The same holds true for HVAC systems. Repairs are things that can be reduced by having a “Scheduled Service” maintenance program in place. If repair is needed, we have NATE certified technicians capable of servicing your heating or cooling system. Our Raleigh area technicians are trained in all major HVAC brands and they are available 24/7.

Benefits of Scheduled Service Maintenance:

Priority dispatching if your systems breaks down

15% off on all parts and labor

Diagnostics & Trip fee waived

Greater comfort for the building's occupants

Increase service life of the HVAC equipment

Lower utility costs – The equipment manufacturer, the local power and fuel providers all strongly recommend having yearly service performed.

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